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So, I made a second tumblr.  This will still be my primary tumblr, but I finally decided to get into the RP scene.  It’s a multifandom RP for Captain Jack Harkness (Doctor Who/Torchwood for people that don’t know, which you should, this IS tumblr).  I will RP with ANYONE from ANY FANDOM. 

Anyway, if anyone is interested the account is:


#i’m also really super intrigued by the shared surnames of the majority of the jaeger pilots #presumably siblings/couples because you have to basically soulbond

Okay, I’m looking at the photos, and I can’t help myself, I’m totally creating stories for these kickass people.

The Kaidonovskys running Cherno-Alpha must be a husband-wife team. And they’re totally Russian clichés - all hard drinkin’, hard fightin’ sexy mofos with their bleached-blonde hair and excessive jewellery and bad attitudes.

Herc and Chuck Hansen - I think they’re father and son. From the Northwest Pacific, and I bet the fact that their Jaeger’s named Striker Eureka might have something to do with that.  I’m guessing Herc is the young one, and he has dogtags, so he’s military, but I bet Chuck was too.

Wei is a pretty common Chinese surname, so the crew of Crimson Typhoon might not be related, but Cheung Wei looks like a skinnier Jin Wei, so maybe brothers?

(Randomly, wouldn’t it be epic if one of the jaegers had identical twins as their command crew? Or, based on what Crimson Typhoon has, triplets?)

And sweet baby jesus, look at those badasses in Gipsy Danger. Look at those blue highlights in Mako’s hair, and that nonchalant pose - I didn’t even know you could make a denim jumpsuit look sexy.

Oh my god, overly excited again.

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